Shanghai 3W Industry Co., Ltd. founded in 1993 is integrity of chemical products scientific researching, producing and trading.
    Since its foundation ten years ago, 3W based on Shanghai has developed into a national wide spreading corporation with three production base and several pooling factories. In the past years, 3W has firmly followed marketing changes; continuously entered new
markets and successively updated products, which provides domestic and foreign clients lots of excellent products with favorable prices and brings its business philosophy of "keep improving" over the world. Offering all clients superexcellent services all along, 3W has gradually won the acceptance of some clients and trust of clients all over the world.

Fine Chemical: EDTA series, triphenylphosphine, etc.
Medical Intermediate:imidazole series, glutaric anhydride, etc.
Base Medicine:Metronidazole,Bufexamac, etc.
Natural Pigment:radish red, etc.
Stable Isotope for Medicine:nitrogen-15,oxygen-18,carbon-13, etc.


In 1993 Founded by Guo Yuping
In 1995 Agent special chemicals in China for DOW
In 1996 Agent special products in China for AKZO-NOBEL in Holland
From 1996 to 2000 Successively won Shanghai Private Enterprise Award for four years
In 1998 Made No.1 sale on EDTA series of Shanghai 3W Industry Co., Ltd.
In 1999 Possessed the first production base, Shanghai 3W Fine Chemical Factory
In 2000 The best quality in the country on imidazole series
In 2001 Titled as director company of Shanghai Municipal Chemical Industry Association
In 2002 The president of 3W, Guo Yuping became the director of Shanghai Municipal Chemical Industry Association.
In 2002 3W began to set up production base in other cities.
In 2003 3W formerly entered the field of stable Isotope for Medicine.
In 2005 3W obtained ISO9001-2000 Quality System Certification (CLICK FOR COPY)