Chlorogenic Acid

[Origin] Fruit of Lonicera japorica thunb
[Appearance] Brown-yellow powder
[Description] A natural substance extracted from fruits of Flos lonicerae,Corex eucommiae,Sunflower and Coffee beans.Very soluble in hot water,dilute alcohol and acetone; insoluble in ester,stable in subacid solution with max.Absorbance peak at 324nm.
[Composition] Chlorgenic acid and isochlorogenic acid
[Production] Chlorogenic acid is derived from soaking,isolating,refining and spray-drying
[Application] Effect on anti-inflammation,clearing toxic heat,increasing immunocompetance,promoting cenral excitation and decreasing blood-fat
[Using method] Comparted chlorogenic acid to Radix scutella-ride and Frutus forsythine,dissolve,heat,precipitate and filte to obtaince end product.Useful for foods,herbal drugs,oral suspensions and injections.
[Pack] Standard packing for chloroganic acid is in 25kg net double polythy-lined paperboard drum
[Shelf] One year(Original package)
No. Item Data
1 Content(324nm) 20-40% MIN
2 Loss on drying 5% MAX
3 Discrimination Accord with standards
4 Heavy metal (Lead) 100ppm MAX
5 Germs 1000/g MAX
6 Pathogenic bacteria Absent