[Origin] Fruit of Chrysanthemum indicm L.
[Appearance] Brown-yellow powder
[Description] A natural substance from bubs of chrysanthemi indici, very soluble in water,dilute alcohol in ester,stable in subacid solution with max. Absorbance,peak at 324.5nm. The bright water solution has a goodstability to microbe,with hygrocopicity.
[Composition] Flos chrysanthemi indici,flavone and diterpene.
[Production] The Buddleog lucosde is derived form soaking,isolating,refining and dpay-drying.
[Application] Effect on anti-inflammation,clearing away toxic heat, abscess on body surface,gall on eyes and dizziness on head.Acion on heart and liver ,with tastes of little bitter,cold and pungent.
[Using method] The buddleog lucoside is comparted to herbal drugs and then can be added to food,toothpastes,tablets,oral suspensions and injections.
[pack] Standard packing for Buddleog lucoside is in 25kg net double polythy-lined paperboard drum.
[Shelf] One year (Original package)

        NO.        Item              Data
       1       Content(at 324.5nm)       5-35%
       2       Loss on drying         +5%
       3       Arsenic            +2mg/kg
       4       Lead              +5mg/kg
       5       Germ              +1000倖/g
       6       Pathogenic bacteria       Absent

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