Gardenia Yellow

[Origin] Fruit of Gardenia jasminoids.
[Appearance] Yellow or orange yellow powder.
[Description] A natural yellow pigment extracted from the fruit of Gardenia.It is easily soluble in water,ethanol water liquor, not soluble in acetone and oil.The pigment also has a good stability to light,heat and microbe.The water solution of the pigment has a bright and stable golden-yellowish hue,especially in alkaline solution,with the absorbance peak at 440nm.The pigment has a good dyeing ability to starch and protein.Metalions have no influence on it but Fe.
[Composition] Crocin and crocetin(carotenoid)
[Production] The pigment is derived from soaking,refining and spray-drying.
[Application] Noodles,candy,dairy product,fish and tinned food.
[Using method] Add desired pigment to some water or ethanol solution and stir to get a diluted yellow solution.Put this yellow solution into your product for pigmentation. To get a good dying result, stirring is also needed and the temperature should be controlled below 80.
[Pack] Liquid: 25kg Polythene Barrel
Powder: 1kg2 0 carton
[Shelf] One year (Original package)

1. Appearance: Yellow or orange yellow liquid or power
2. Color strength (E10%1cm,440nm):600 MIN
3. Arsenic (As):2PPM MAX
4. Plumbum (Pb):5PPM MAX
5. Germs: 1000/g MAX
6. Pathogenic bacteria: Absent