Purple Sweet Potato Color

[Origin] Root of Ipomoes batatas.
[Appearance] purple red powder.
[Description] A natural red pigment extracted from the root of Sweet potato.It is easily soluble in water and ethanol water liquor,not soluble in acetone and oil.The pigment also has a good stability to heat.The water solution of the pigment is red with a little purple hue when pH is below 6 and the absorbance peak is 530nm. The color of the pigment water liquor will chage from red to purple and to unstable green when pH rises from 6 to 12.The pigment has a good dyeing ability to starch and protein in acid solution.
[Composition] Cyanidin acy1 glucoside and peonidin acy1 glucoside(anthocyanin)
[Production] The pigment is derived from soaking,refining and spray-drying.
[Application] Soaked food,cake,fruit juice and candy.
[Using method] Add desired pigment to some water or ethanol solution and stir to get a equal red solution.Heat up the solution when the pigment is hard to solve for the reason of low temperature.put this red solution into your product for pigmentation. To get a good dying result,stirring is also needed and the temperature should be controlled below 80.
[Pack] 25kg Polythene Barrel (Exempted from Export Examinations)
[Shelf] Protect from air, light and heat. Store in cool conditions. Above 6 months, storage at low temperature

1. Appearance: dark red liquid
2. Color strength : 100-200(E10%1cm,528nm)
3. PH value2.0-3.0 (10% sol.)
4. Total plate count: <1000pcs/g
5. Pathohenic germs: not found
6. Solubility: soluble in water, alcohol, not oil