Radish Red

[Origin] Root of Raphanus saliousl.
[Appearance] Purple red powder.
[Description] A natural red pigment extracted from the root of Radish.It is easily soluble in water and ethanol water liquor , not soluble in acetone and oil. The water solution of the pigment is red with a little purple hue whenpH is below 6 and the absorbance peak is 520nm. The color of the pigment water liquor will chage from red to purple and to unstable blue when pH rises from 6 to 12. The pigment has a good dyeing ability to starch and protein in acid solution.
[Composition] Pelargonidin(anthocyanin)
[Production] The pigment is derived from soaking, refining and spray-drying.
[Application] Soaked food, cake, fruit juice and candy.
[Using method] Add desired pigment to some water or ethanol solution and stir to get a equal red soluton. Heat up the solution into when the pigment is hard to solve for the reason of low temperature. Put this red solution into your product for pigmentation. To get a good dying result,stirring is also needed and the temperature should be controlled under 80℃.
[Pack] 10kg,plastic bag in fibre drum. Store in cool and dry place. Keep from sunlight.
[Shelf] One year (Original package)
NO. Item Data
1 Absorbance E(1%,1cm,520nm) 20MIN
2 Loss on drying(powder only) 7percent MAX
3 Arsenic 2mg/kg MAX
4 Lead 5mg/kg MAX
5 Germ 1000/g MAX
6 Pathogenic bacteria Absent